2014 Camoufish Bream Buster XF


2014 XF - now 20% lighter and even more sensitive!


7’          1pc       Fast Action       1-4kg test          1-6gm lures        

XF stands for 'Xtra Finesse', and this latest and most popular Bream Buster Finesse action is ideal for those who prefer a lighter action without wanting to sacrifice that famous Bream Buster power!  

The silky-smooth action of the XF strikes the perfect balance between bream lure casting ability on ultra-light leaders and still having authority over big bream when you need it!  

Incredibly versatile, the XF is equally effective with hard bodied and soft plastic lures in a variety of fishing scenarios and particularly excels in medium to long casting situations where a degree of accuracy is still required.

The balance in the hand of this rod needs to be felt to be believed but beware! The XF is so motivating you’ll probably find yourself fishing more because of it!!  


ABT and AFC Tournament winner many times over!

Feature Components:  

-Millerods custom graphite blank

-Millerods custom Stainless Steel counterweighted butt cap

-Millerods custom Stainless Steel reel seat trim

-Fuji VSS seat -Custom shaped Camoufish x-firm EVA or Flor-Plus Cork grips

-Ian's original combination titanium guide train of Fuji Titanium/Recoil guides and top    



Options & Upgrades available:


-Fuji titanium KR guide train in Ian's 'semi-micro' selection for maximum casting performance

-Handle design available in up-locking or down-locking

-Painted VSS reel seats

-EVA grips in black, or Camoufish blue, green and red

-Custom super-high modulus blank


*Tim the Bream’s favourite!    

















































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