Camoufish Bream Buster - 2014 models

The Millerods ‘Bream Buster’ is justifiably the most famous high performance bream spin rod in the country! Bream Busters were Australia’s first purpose-designed lure rods for bream spinning and Ian has maintained that leading status with continual development.
The very latest custom blank technology and highest quality components deliver unequalled sensitivity, power and balance. And with a record number of tournament wins and a user list that is like a who’s who of bream fishing, the Bream Buster truly sets the pace for bream spinning rods!
Feature components include our own custom made stainless steel counterweight butt caps, exclusively contoured grips in Camoufish x-firm EVA and the latest carbon materials, and Ian’s original titanium composite guide set comprising a Fuji titanium K stripper guide combined with Recoil titanium alloy wire guides to provide a super lightweight and corrosion-proof set enhancing maximum balance and sensitivity.(Complete Fuji titanium KR guide trains are also available). 
From the most delicate finesse presentations to the meanest oyster racks, Millerods Bream Busters are
undoubtedly the Ultimate lure delivery and fish landing tools!


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Bream Buster


2014 Camoufish Bream Buster XF

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2014 Camoufish Bream Buster XF Classic

The XF Classic is ideal for shorter...

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