SwordFight Shortstroker #80

SwordFight #80 Shortstroker - under final development


During fishing trips to the new productive south-eastern grounds of Australia Ian Miller was able to observe first hand the exact requirements of fishing for swords using the very latest daytime techniques and practices. This is the very latest in the SwordFight line up, designed just now in 2017, developed in conjunction with Australia's leading swordfish Captains and anglers.

This SwordFight #80, can be fished with either 24kg or 37kg, but is designed mainly for 37kg pre-test monofilament with braid backing. The tip action allows for easy bite observation while the extra butt power will allow extreme drag settings to battle the fish.

In between is Miller's silky-smooth blank action that transfers pressure gradually to the fish to help reduce instances of pulled hooks.

Designed with a full 6+1 Fuji SiC guide train and Winthrop alloy tip-top designed for deep drop fishing.

SwordFight #80 

-Millerods custom composite graphite/glass SwordFight blank

-Stuart Manufacturing Z2SC curved black 2pc detachable butt (can be upgraded to Winthrop Terminator adjustable butt)

-X-Firm EVA foregrip (can be upgraded to inlaid cork grip with leather or synthetic Camo)

-Fuji HBSG x 6 guide train (can be upgraded to P-HBSG polished silver frame)

-Option of upgrading to Winthrop roller Exel guides train

-Winthrop XAT roller tip-top in Black finish

-Black binding with metallic highlights (hand-woven swordfish thread-art available)

-Triple built binding format for strength and durability

-Multi-coat epoxy finish for long life

-Overall length 5’6”

-Price starts at A$895  








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