SWORDFIGHT Shortstrokers


Australia's First Stand-Up Swordfish Rods!


Millerods Shortstrokers have set the international bench-mark for custom made stand-up game rods for decades and the new SwordFight range gives a new edge to their quality and high-performance!

At the heart of these famous rods are Ian’s custom made graphite composite SwordFight blanks, exclusively made for Ian from the latest materials and construction techniques. These blanks feature a slightly softer tip action to visually detect bites, a fighting action that is smooth-as-silk to avoid ripping hooks and plenty of butt power to 'up' the drag when required.

Designed and developed right here in Australia on our recently uncovered southern sword grounds in conjunction with Australia's foremost swordfish Captain Rich Abela, these are the very latest innovations from Millerods big game fishing.

Millerods SwordFight Shortstrokers feature x-hard EVA foregrips, Stuart detachable curved alloy butts and decorative metal trims, and are fitted with Fuji SiC guides as standard. The guide train carries an extra guide than usually seen on stand up rods to enable the line to be smoothly carried regardless of the drag setting used. This reduces drag and line wear, and increases smoothness of drag operation at all settings.

Winthrop Alloy 'Deep Drop' tip top guides in black are available as are grips inlayed with either calfskin black leather or coloured synthetic grips. 

These rods have also always been designed with angler comfort in mind because Ian understands as well as anyone that fishing is supposed to be enjoyment, not punishment!

The pedigree of these rods is the envy of rod makers everywhere and the amount of angling accomplishments worldwide on Ian Miller Shortstrokers are quite incredible.




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SwordFight Shortstroker #50 LT

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SwordFight Shortstroker #50-80

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SwordFight Shortstroker #80

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