Millerods BUFF

Custom design, original BUFF quality!
Sales price: $49.50

Tired of getting sunburned neck and face? Hate having to apply sunscreen? Then the Millerods BUFF is for you!  

Made for Millerods in own custom Camoufish colours, this Original HIGH-UV BUFF complete with the latest 'M' logo will give you maximum comfort and protection on the water.

Specially engineered for hot and sunny weather, and featuring the following;

- Performance rating Coolmax EXTREME

- 98% UV-A and UV-B blockage

- The only tube in our knowledge that can provide best protection against sun cancer

- Highly breathable

- Extremely soft feeling

- Ultra-thin

- Kills germs and odours

- Free of harmful substances

- certified UVA and UVB protection is necessary to prevent skin cancer. Normal fabrics like T-shirts don't protect from both. That's why you can avoid sunburns with them but still get skin cancer. As far as we know no other headwear is available that comes with Coolmax┬« Extreme rating AND UV protection.  

Price including postal delivery within Australia. $45

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