Control Freak: Spinning Freaks Medium

As anglers continue to push the boundaries of medium spin tackle and we chase bigger and more powerful fish on lures, enter the Control Freak Beast LongCast – a rod designed in the same innovative style as the popular Millerods Beast Busters but on new lighter, more responsive blanks and with the ultra-light Control Freak handle. This provides the ability to cast a wide range of lures and tackle some truly impressive fish with a finesse approach!

Ian has designed an ergonomic yet ultra-light handle integrating Fuji’s latest skeleton seat with minimal grips that give your hands support when needed and simply aren’t there when they don’t need to be! This allows specific casting, retrieve and fighting features to be integrated into the one handle allowing a seamless transition on the water.

Targets include barra, snapper, mackerel, tuna, and a host of other saltwater species all the way up to smaller billfish…

Designed 2pc with removable handle, it’s a user-friendly format for travelling and boat storage, with the feel and performance of a one piece rod. Guides typically fitted are single foot Fuji SiC or Fuji titanium frame SiC, all in the latest K shape frames.

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Spinning Freaks Medium


BarraVibe 7'3"


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Light tip, power rod!

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Control Freak Beast LLC

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Control Freak TOAD

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