Millerods Control Freak – SquareFreaK


Spec’s:                  6’8”        1pc         1/4- 3/4oz lures                                8-15lb test


Description:        SquareFreaK has been made specifically for throwing the Squarebill crankbait. We have made it short and made it super light and super sensitive. You hardly know it’s there until you feel theextreme vibration through your fingers of your Square Bill crawling over anything andeverything. Insanely accurate for placingthat crank up against those stumps every single cast!


Ideal for:             Accurate Casts with a Squarebill crank bait around stumps and lay downs orparalleling riprap walls.


Carl says;             “…This is the fun rod of the group, once I pick the SquareFreaK up its hard for meto put down. What it lacks in size and weight it makes up for in the beasts it can handle. This is one tough little rod on Squarebills, packs a punch when you need it!”

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