Millerods Control Freak – FinesseFreaK


Spec’s:                  7’3”        1pc         1/16-3/8oz lures                               4-10lb line


Description:        This spin rod had been designed directly from our Australian finesse fishingroots. Ultra clear water, High pressured bass? This rod has been made for it! The Millerod raw blank design and Control freak set upkeeps the weight incredibly low and the feel and sensitivity high for all the extreme finesse techniques.


Ideal for:              Finesse fishing in a high pressured, clear water situations using Dropshot,

Shackyheads, wacky rigs, and more!So incredibly light we recommend running braid line with leader for the ultimate experience. A bass so much goes near your bait you’re going to feel it.


Carl says;             This is my ‘InCase of Emergency’ set up. If you’re struggling to get bites, pull the

FinesseFreaK out and make it happen. I know when I’m using this outfit I’m going to getbites that other anglers are not. It’s that simple.”

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