Millerods Control Freak – CrankFreaK


Spec’s:                  7’10”      1pc         3/8- 1½oz lures                 8-15lb Fluorocarbon


Description:        This rod is designed for one purpose and one purpose only: Throwing crankbaits! There is a very fine line between being able to achieve casting distance, sensitivity and balance - and still allowing your crank bait to hunt and then ‘hook and hold’. This rod hasall the attributes of fibre glass to keep those thrashing bass from throwing your crank – yet all the power and weight advantages that only an all-graphiteblank can deliver. And more testing has gone into the action of this blank than any other in the range. We identified that fine line, pushed it as far as we could and the result is this rodthat has it all!


Ideal for:             Making extremely long casts with a wide variety of crankbait sizes - ideal for ledge and flatsfishing but great for shallow water stump fields as well.


Carl says;             This rod had to be just right to do what we wanted it to, and that’s exactly what it is - Perfect. Tested allover the States in hundreds of situations, when it comes to long cast cranking this is the go-to crank rod!”


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