Millerods Control Freak – CastFreaK


Spec’s:                  7’0”        1pc         1/4-1oz lures                      10-20lb line (#15-30 braid)


Description:       Originally named the ‘All-round Freak’ due to the versatility we wanted and wereally have made this a casting rod to do whateveryou want. This great all-rounder will skip a jig under a dock like a freak; swim your favourite lure around some grass or stumps and even Worm & Pig. Spinnerbaits, jigs, swimbaits, topwater, if youwant a rod that does it all this is it.


Ideal for:             Designed for accurate casts around Docks, structure, overhangs with just aboutany lure you have loaded in your boat.


Carl says;             “I’ve always wanted that one rod that you just pick up, tie a lure on and gofishing. Millerods made it, and I just love using it! This rod is super accurate to cast with, and at any major event you'll see a CastFreak sitting on my deck.”



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