Millerods Control Freak – BassFreaK


Spec’s:                  7’6”        1pc         1/8-5/8oz lures                 6-12lb line (#6-12 braid)


Description:       The BassFreaK is designed to be everything you want in a Spin rod!Boasting super-finesse feel withthe power you need for pulling them from docks or structure. This amazing blank design will run straight fluro or braid/leader toperfection, make easy long casts to spooky fish or shorter accurate casts for skipping docks.


Ideal for:             When the bite gets tough and it’s time to pull out the light line this spin rod will do it all;Wacky Rigs, Shackyheads, longer dropshot, Darterhead and more! This is our all-rounder that willcast any finesse type bait where you want it, but have that little extra grunt to pull themout of a sticky situation.You'll only need one rod. The BassFreak!


Carl says;             The BassFreaK has been by far my highest used rod over my fishing career, I’vecaught game changers on this blank and it’s always on my deck when I need to put a limitin the boat or convince that highly pressured kicker to bite.”

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