Camoufish Beast LongCast

Longer casting, 2pc format!

7'0"      2pc       Fast action       3‑7kg Test        5‑20gm  

It wasn’t long before the success of the Beast Buster inspired another model more suited to deeper water and bigger fish. Enter the LongCast - a rod every bit as innovative as the original but with the ability to cast slightly heavier lures a longer distance, opening up a whole new host of fishing opportunities!  

Inshore saltwater species such as salmon, smaller kingfish, tunas and trevally are ideal targets meaning the LongCast has long been a favourite of anglers travelling to Cape York where such species are abundant. And, of course the LongCast is still just as effective on the mulloway and smaller barra - and even more effective on snapper!  

Ian has recently modified the blank into a 2pc format with a removable handle making it more user-friendly for travelling, this is a lightweight but incredibly capable spinning weapon.    

- Millerods custom 2pc graphite blank

- Custom Millerods SS counterweighted butt cap

- Fuji IPS or DPS seat

- Custom shaped Camoufish x-firm EVA

- Fuji Titanium/Recoil guides and top (Fuji SiC guides also available)

- Current price $  


*Carl’s favourite!  

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