Camoufish Beast Buster TOAD

Lightweight 2pc Power rod!

7'3"-7’6”           2pc       Fast action       6‑15kg Test       15‑60gm  

The latest rods in the popular Beast Buster range are slightly longer and ideal for more open water applications. The latest lightweight blanks provide the ability to cast a wide range of lures and tackle some truly impressive fish with a finesse sportsfishing approach!   The ‘TOAD’ is a power rod in the range yet still balanced and responsive in the hand.  

Targets include larger snapper on soft plastics, big barra on soft plastics or vibes and suspending lures; many pelagics including small billfish, mackerel and other saltwater species but there are still fish out there yet to be tackled on the TOAD…  

Ian has designed an ergonomic handle based on Fuji IPS or DPS seats with an integrated casting/fighting fore-grip that gives your hands support where it is needed and allows specific casting, retrieve and fighting features to be integrated into the one handle allowing a seamless transition on the water. The short mid grip also allows for rod holder use.  

With the blank designed with a 2pc removable handle this is a user-friendly format for travelling and boat storage, with the feel and performance of a one piece rod.    

- Millerods custom 2pc graphite blank

- Custom rounded BRC butt cap

- Fuji DPS seat

- Custom shaped Camoufish x-firm EVA grips

- Fuji ‘K’ SiC guides and top (Fuji titanium SiC guides also available)

- Current price $    

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