Camoufish Beast Buster 691


6'9"           1pc X-Fast Action           3-6kg test           4-12gm lures

Over a decade ago, fishing identity Steve Starling came to Ian in pursuit of a power estuary rod to catch mulloway on soft plastics. It needed to be light enough to cast 1-2 handed for hours at time, and able to handle lightly weighted soft plastics, but pack enough punch to land some truly large river jewies… and the original ‘Beast Buster’ was born!

This model, using the latest blank technology and based on the original Beast Buster action, is an extraordinary spin rod that continues to rack up more and more species caught with a huge variety of methods!

The perfect single-handed power estuary or inshore spin rod for many lure presentations targeting the likes of 'jacks, barra, mulloway, trevally, queenfish, mackerel and more! And as a shorter snapper rod it is exceptional, especially for the more challenging finesse techniques involving the latest soft plastics.  

- Millerods Custom 1pc Graphite Blank

- Custom Millerods counterbalance custom SS butt cap

- Contoured 155mm Camoufish X-Hard EVA rear

- Fuji IPS seat -65mm Camoufish X-Hard EVA

- Fuji K/Recoil guides and top

- Current price $

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