Tournament T&R Pole 10' 1pc


10’0”         1pc  

The Millerods 10’ Tournament T&R Pole is a 2pc pole designed for marlin, tuna and shark fishing where a closer tag shot is preferred. Ideal for smaller boats or as a back-up pole in a tournament situation, this is lightweight and manoeuvrable.  

The handle is custom made with a cord bottom grip finished with a generous Turks Head knot. The front grip is black calf hide and the pole is dressed with a hand-detailed marlin weave and gold trims, and the international symbol for T&R fishing, the red flag with white ‘T’.  

Fitted with a Billfish Foundation tag applicator and strike plate this pole is both practical as well as beautiful! The appearance of these poles needs to be seen to be believed, and can be customised to include the boat name.    

- 1pc blank construction

- X-Large rubber butt fitting

- Cord rear grip

- Leather front grip

- Woven marlin thread art

- B&G binding format

- Billfish Foundation tag applicator

- Current price $  

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