Hi‑Leverage Trolling Rods

All Ian Miller Hi‑Leverage trolling rods feature Ian’s exclusively designed ‘Multi-­Loading' blanks which are constructed using the latest in composite materials and techniques. Incorporating Ian's own cutting edge designs of actions and tapers, they are specifically suited to curved butts and modern fighting chair techniques, and are based on many years of fish-fighting experience, observation and testing, and research and development all around the world in conjunction with leading captains and anglers.
Blueprinted to be the strongest available they are found only in Ian Miller Hi‑Leverage Trolling Rods. At the heart of Ian Miller Hi-Leverage Trolling rods is Ian’s underlying philosophy – that these rods not only fight fish better than other rods, but they also do it easier! These specifically designed rods have incredible power and fish‑fighting abilities, yet they remain easy and fun to use.
Ian regularly customises Ian Miller Hi‑leverage Trolling rods to suit specific boat sizes, local conditions, fighting techniques and other personal preferences.

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