Tournament Shortstroker 6kg

The light 6kg line presents unique factors that are addressed by specific design features in this high performance light line stand up rod.
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TSS6kg SiC

The light 6kg line presents unique factors that should be addressed by specific design features. For this line class, the action is not as fast as other Millerods Shortstrokers and the rod is typically longer. This allows line to be cleared of the surface when possible to reduce water drag, the power to be evenly applied to the fish, and the line to be provided protection. When working with such light line there are times when the fish will respond to an increase in drag pressure and times when the line needs protection from breaking. This rod provides both!

Custom made full graphite blanks are used for this model. Full graphite construction allows the rod to be light yet responsive, and with just the right amount of power it is constantly ready to win line from the fish.

Original Fuji guides with an oval shaped SiC ceramic ring protect the line from friction and are lightweight, easy to maintain and offer a large inside diameter for easy knot passage. An Aftco roller top is usually utilised.

This model is also available as a versatile 6-10kg model.

  • Millerods custom graphite blank
  • Stuart Manufacturing B&G #1SZ straight 2pc detachable butt
  • Leather/cork fore grip
  • Fuji WDBSG guides
  • Aftco B&G or WTE titanium tip-top
  • Woven marlin thread art
  • B&G binding format
  • Overall length 6’6”
  • Current price is inc Aftco top



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